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Many people believe the health care system is only focused on fixing problems and treating symptoms. Golden Health and Wellness is much more than that. Though we do help “fix” medical problems, we also pride ourselves in providing wellness care to our patients to help them stay healthy, happy, and active. We treat the whole patient, not just a symptom or disease.

We employ caring, licensed professionals from massage specialists to physical therapists to harness your body’s ability to heal itself. Our wellness care team partners with providers at Golden Health and Wellness to help you get the most out of life.

Golden Health and Wellness care options include beauty treatments, including facials and skin care. Massage and chiropractic services help the body relax, heal, and retain optimum mobility. Our physical therapy program can not only help you recover from an illness or injury, but it also provides a consistent opportunity to stay fit and socialize.

Don’t wait until you feel sick before reaching out — maintaining good health is within your reach. Call our office today to discover what we offer to residents of Miami-Dade county and surrounding areas. We can help you get started on a wellness care plan and begin a preventative treatment program to help your body be in the best shape it can be.